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Tom Schofield – From Apprentice to Manufacturing Engineer


It is 150 years since Joseph Stannah founded the company in the London docks and today Stannah employ over 1700 people. Like our founder Joseph Stannah, we recognise the importance of apprenticeships as a career route. Read full story

How the Stannah Logo has Evolved Over 150 Years


Over the last 150 years the Stannah logo has changed dramatically to reflect the growth of the business. Although founded in 1867, the earliest known logo we can source is from 1900. Read full story

Sam Edgell – Trainee Software Engineer at Stannah


As an independent, family-run British engineering business, Stannah has long been a champion of apprenticeships, dating right back to the 1800s and our founder Joseph Stannah. We have apprentices right across our business, one of them is trainee software engineer, Sam Edgell. Read full story

From Apprentice to Lift Engineer – Dylan’s Story


Dylan Hitchmough recently added his name to the list of Stannah lift engineers that started their careers through the apprenticeship scheme. It’s a long list with the first apprentice starting at Stannah in 1949.

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From Apprentice to Repair Engineer: Craig’s Story


We have more than 300 highly-trained lift engineers in 11 service branches all over the UK – so a Stannah lift engineer is never far away. Stannah repair engineer, Craig Biggs and has visited some interesting sites, including a nuclear facility, seeing the old experiment labs and wearing radiation monitoring equipment.

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From Apprentice to Field Service Engineer: Richard’s Story


Stannah have a long history of apprentice recruitment, with many of our 300 lift engineers representing our 11 service branches all over the UK, starting out in the Stannah apprenticeship scheme. Just like Richard Gascoyne, a field service engineer in our South Midlands and Home Counties service branch.

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From Apprentice to Major Projects – Matt’s Story

At Stannah, we put our progress down to our people. The generations that have worked here in the last 150 years and the people today working across the Stannah Group, together have helped to shape us as a business. We are proud to have a long history of apprenticeships and these apprentices continues to work for Stannah throughout their career. Matt, who started as an engineering apprentice 8 years ago, is one of them.

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Callum Buck – Apprentice, Student & Engineer


Stannah have a long history of apprentices. As Joseph Stannah wrote in his letter to The Engineer in 1889, “it is undoubtedly the duty of every engineer to instruct his share of the rising generation, but it is also his duty to do it in such a way as shall conduce most to the general prosperity of the future.” Read full story

Archie McKellar: Following Joseph Stannah’s Rules of Life

Our founder, Joseph Stannah was an exceptional engineer who turned his hand to everything from hoists and cranes to stuffing boxes for locomotives and lifts for cars. Read full story

Championing Apprenticeships for Over 100 Years


Apprenticeships have recently been put back in the spotlight as the Government pushes for more options for young people leaving full-time education. Read full story