Stannah news

Rewarding Good Driving


Stannah have been given a The Gold Fleet award for reducing CO2 emissions. Masternaut, one of the longest standing vehicle tracking companies in the UK, have recognised the lift and stairlift company for making significant savings in fuel efficiency and as a result CO2 emissions. Read full story

Stannah Opens its Doors in Support of Local Manufacturing Community


Businesses from across the region were recently invited to have a behind-the-scenes tour at lift and stairlift company Stannah, as part of a pioneering Test Valley Borough Council initiative.

Representatives from across industry and government were invited to visit three of Stannah’s sites in Andover, to learn more about the company and its operations. The day included a talk by the process engineering team on improvement and sustainability; a guided tour of the factory floor; and a visit to Stannah’s special expo hub, for a look at the company’s latest innovations and developments. Read full story