Tax Policy

Stannah Lifts Holdings Limited and subsidiary companies

Policy on Tax risk management and strategy

High Level Overview

The Stannah Group is a multinational business with subsidiaries and branches in a number of countries.

The Group has strategic tax objectives focused in the following areas:


The Board of Directors (“BoD”) of the Company acknowledges its obligation for fully complying with all relevant tax laws effective for the jurisdictions in which Group organisations operate.  Approval of tax strategy is, ultimately owned by the BoD but effectively delegated to the Group Financial Director (“GFD”).

The GFD shall ensure a suitably competent resource is available to meet the objective of the BoD in each jurisdiction in which a Group organisation has a tax obligation.  The GFD shall delegate compliance responsibilities to that suitably qualified resource for the purposes of delivering accurate Tax Returns on behalf of Group organisations.

Strategy delivery

The framework below underpins how the strategic tax objectives will be delivered:


Tax risk management

Commercial objectivity